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Love Commandos

The Commandos who fight for love, love commandos, Group helping lovers.
love commandos
Love is a boon in nature
To make the surrounding Lovable.

Yes, here we are talking about an organisation called “Love Commandos”. The Commandos who fight for love and act as a protective layer to lovers.
Love Commandos is a voluntary non-profit organization in India formed in July 2010, the organisation helps and protects couples in love from violence, harassment and honor killing. Love commandos  provide shelter, medical aid, legal aid, and protection to couples who are being harassed by family and society. And they also help the couples to get married by helping them legally and financially as well.

Love commandos group members

Group of Love Commandos
Group of Love Commandos [src:]

No doubt, in india, most marriages are arranged by parents, with potentially strong marriage partners  on the basis of caste, religion, complexions. Falling in love results into a strong social infamy and honor killing. The police have been well known to refuse protection to such lovers, sometimes taking side of  parents and arresting the male lovers on false charges of rape and theft.

Love commandos helping couple in love

emergence of Love Commandos
emergence of Love Commandos [src:]

But with the emergence of Love Commandos there is a group of people who are against such killings, who are acting as an angel of love and preventing such killings, who are making efforts to enlighten the society because they believe that nothing is impossible in this world. The group was first called the Peace Commandos, who worked to protect and save lovers from various religious extremist groups during occasions like Valentine’s day. But after some time, they decided to rename the group as to concentrate on protecting lovers and on the issue of honor killing. The group started in 2010, when a young man in  Delhi had been accused of rape and put behind bars.
The girl was an adult and even raised his voice that their relationship was consensual. But the Delhi Police fired a case against the boy on the behest of the girl's father And the Love Commandos was formed while helping this man in this case.

Love commandos at noble cause

Love commandos at noble cause
Love commandos at noble cause [src:]

Now the couple are proud parents and they are happily living their life, the lovers are thankful to them for giving a reason to formation of “Love Commandos” The Love commandos comprises of businessmen, lawyers, journalists and human rights activists. They act as a protective layer to lovers and  protect them from religious hurdle by providing them food, shelter and medical help until they get financially strong. And they too help the couples to get married by registering their marriage with the civil authorities.
A travel agent Harsh Malhotra founded the group “Love Commandos" Currently he is working as interior designer as well as the chief coordinator of the group. And the interesting facts about his love is that he married his wife six times giving a sign of long lasting love. The co-founder Sanjay Sachdeva runs the organisation as its chairman.

Love commandos with Amir khan

Love commandos with Amir khan
Love commandos with Amir khan [src: ]

The Love commandos have more than 18 lakh volunteers and over 400 shelter houses across the country who are working selflessly with in a chain to eradicate the religious extremists and honor killing  against the lovers or couples.
As running shelters  includes food, clothing, toiletries, bedding, water and electricity charges etc, are expensive and  the  organisation credits the media for not only spreading their cause in the nation but also helping them with funding.
Sachdeva was interviewed on the 5th episode of Aamir Khan's television show Satyamev Jayate. For more you can see  here Satyamev Jayate video.

Video of love commandos team at Satyamev Jayate

After his appearance on the show, the organization gets more popular in the society and  began getting more calls than before. However, Hakim Abdul who came from a small village Bulandshahr from western Uttar Pradesh, appeared in the same episode with his wife, was murdered five months later in November 2012 .The Love Commandos continued to protect and fulfill the needs of his widow and infant daughter.
A report by BBC channel also appreciated the work of Love commandos. For more you can see here the video report by BBC.

Video of love commandos team by BBC

Inspite of challenges they are acting as an "Angel of love" in this world and appreciating their work every couple or lovers wants to give them salute for their selfless work.

Angel of Love providing wings to Lovers

Slogan of Love commandos

Slogan of Love commandos
Slogan of Love commandos

They gave a slogan to their work and inspire couple in love with this quote, the slogan is.

प्यार करना पाप नहीं, विरोधी हमारा बाप नहीं

which relates to meaning "To love is not a sin and opponent is not our father"


If you are willing to cooperate them in their humanity cause then you can join them or if you are capable to help them contact from their official love commando website. if you are the one who is seeking for help than you too can contact them from their contact us page, they are 24X7 at their job.
really they are unbelievable people who exist.

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