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For Miracle to happen, you need courage and vision.

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For Miracle to happen, you need courage and vision.
The miracle happens when you possess vision and courage

The miracle happens when you possess courage and vision both:

Usually, people don't believe in a miracle, but I believe that this life can become miraculous all by itself if we bring some courage and a clear perception into it. Both of these qualities make a life filled with a number of miracles one won't believe to happen ever in one's life. 
Courage gives you the strength to face different circumstances while a vision will give you a clarity of thought and this will reduce distractions out of your way. 
Hence Vision and hard work are important for any person to have a goal in their lives and to accomplish them. God also gives support to those who are helping themselves. Therefore, we must be able to do this with complete dedication to our success.

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  1. Reading your blogs make me feel so positive that I start remembering my forgotten aims of my life...